An Overview of My Medico Legal Services

I handle a full-time NHS post as Consultant in Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation since December 2004 at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool. As a result, I assess about 800 New Chronic pain patients every year on NHS and in private sector.

Areas wherein I take special interest are chronic pain, chronic widespread pain, chronic pain syndromes, neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), spinal cord stimulation and multidisciplinary pain management. In addition, I also specialise in cancer related pain, trigeminal neuralgia (facial pain), spinal pain following surgery, pain following injury or accidents including whiplash.

Being familiar with the latest evidence, I have undergone Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate accreditation in 2016. I have attended several study days and workshops in relation to Medicolegal aspects of my practice. To this effect, I have extensive experience working with solicitors and barristers in medicolegal cases and have prepared many joint reports with experts from defendant’s side.

Practising In The Medico Legal Field

  • I have been in this practice since 2007 and usually prepare 2-4 reports per month
  • I am registered with Association of person injury lawyers (APIL)
  • For the avoidance of doubt, I am instructed as principal and not as agent for your client
  • Subject to the timely provision of information, letters and reports prepared in response to instructions will be delivered to the appointer within four to six weeks of examination
  • See my publications relevant to pain medicine field

For More Information, please check My Brief Medico Legal CV & terms and publications. Get in touch with me for Inquiries & Instructions at my email