Different Pain Conditions That Are Treated

My extensive expertise has enabled me to select and provide range of pain management options – namely assessment, education, medications, injections including epidural, radio-frequency and spinal implants - for chronic pain. In addition, I am able to assess for pain management program wherein the aim is to encourage self-management of chronic pain.

Following detailed assessment of your pain you are treated with empathy, understanding, high level of expertise and care in up-to-date facility in a number of private pain clinics around Liverpool.

Pain Relief Service

Irrespective of the nature of your pain, my clinic is the facility wherein you can look forward to finding a suitable pain management solution matching your requirement.

Courtesy of having acquired years of experience in this field, as a chronic pain expert I have accomplished hands-on skills and knowledge both of which enable me to diagnose the nature of your pain and devise your treatment plan.

Why Should You Avail My Services?

My Professional Achievements

What My Clients Say about Me

“Thank you Dr. Sharma for helping my pain” - Jay Chew

“Thank you Dr. Sharma for helping me so quickly in acute episode. I am able to enjoy Easter and attend cathedral. Problem has almost totally gone now and cannot wait to get back to cycling!” - Hilary Atkins

“Dr Sharma is my Knight in Shining Armour. He is the most important person in helping me to turn my life around.” - Margret Wynne